December 2020

Blessed Christmas Everyone!


“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And God who sees in secret will reward you.”

(Matthew 6:3‭-‬4)

We like to take this opportunity to thank all Donors big and small for all your support of God’s ministry among the poorest of the poor in the Philippines since 2007.

Even though we are utterly grateful to you, we don’t want to rob you of your reward from God Almighty, thus your names, organisation/church names were not mentioned in our newsletters. But we in Oikos Helping Hand, God and yourselves know who you are. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Learning Center

School has started but our education today has a big difference from what we used to have. Before, children used to go to school during weekdays, attending class, listening to the teachers face to face and doing activities by themselves. There’s an interaction and development in social life of the child, and no internet connection needed. But it changed when the COVID-19 started. Everyone had to adjust to living in the New Normal where everything has a touch of technology and they are struggling especially those what are technology illiterate. This became a challenge to teachers and parents too.

Online Class “Modular Distance Learning/Blended Learning”

Concerns of this New Normal Education

Students are not used to learn through online class and there are more distractions in their homes than in the school. Internet reception is not stable. Some have to go outside to get a better reception. Noise from the neighbourhood and inside the homes has added to their distractions.

Agape Kids

The Agape Kids team did a weekly online program to reach out to them. This video covers the last 3 aspects of the fruit of the Spirit : Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-control. Click at the link and have a look!

Agape Church

We are so excited that the Philippines government has permitted gatherings up to a maximum of 50 people after forbidding it for the past 7 months.

Our maiden service was held at Agapehouse on 15th Nov 2020 with all the regulations in place such as temperature taking, wearing of masks and social distancing.

After 2 services, we had Workers Thanksgiving prayer celebrating meeting each other again and worshipping together as one family!

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Every Little Act Makes A Big Difference!