Agape Kids

Agape Kids was launched in February 2007 meeting every Saturday mornings at the Riverside Basketball court for a time of fun, games & moral education. It’s a time of wonderful and exciting interaction between the kids, our staff and volunteers. The children learn through playing and they are at their developmental stage where experiences will make or break them.

Moral education sessions are integral in the children’s growing years because of the harsh environment that they are frequently exposed to daily. They are also being counselled and guided through all these interactions.

After these fun-filled and fulfilling activities, Food Distribution project presents them with donated food items such as rice, canned food, milo, chocolates, bread, etc. Their smiles speak a thousand words!


Agape Ladies

After being honored by our Agape Youth during Parents Day, about 45 mothers wanted to join Oikos Helping Hand. This desire gave birth to Agape Ladies (we do not address them as Women because they deserve our respect) in August 2007.

They meet for fellowship and Bible study on Fridays and Sundays. Currently there are 230 ladies and expanding. Their theme song is “Before the world began.”


Income Generating Livelihood

Income Generating Livelihood Programs was launched in 2005. We believe in teaching them to be self-reliant, i.e. how to ‘fish for themselves’ instead of giving them a fish every day. We provide them with career and financial management skills. Some of them have been so successful that they are now out of the poverty cycle & are able to help others financially.

Skills training are regularly conducted and with them, participants were given an opportunity in employment or small businesses.

I.G.L.P. assists participants in their lifestyle and financial advancement.


Agape Tutorial

Agape Tutorial fulfills the needs of youths who had not completed or had not attended school. The reasons extends to being in dire financial situation, negative peer/environment pressure, simply not interested etc. Agape Tutorial provides that second chance at being literate and a choice in life’s opportunities.

Our teachers teaches basic reading, writing, maths, etc. for a year. This year, our teachers are teaching Computer, English and Maths.


Oikos Helping Hand Learning Center (OHHLC) was officially opened on the 27th of June 2009 by Rev Lim Jen Huat and Dr Tan Kok Beng.

This Official Opening event was celebrated by a festive program with worship and dancing. Bro Stanley Yap extended the Word of Welcome followed by  a message and a Prayer of Dedication by Rev Lim Jen Huat.

It was a ground-breaking advancement for OHH’s Scholarship Program with this official opening. Presently with a team of trained teachers and care-givers, OHHLC is able to provide each precious child with a stimulating childhood experience which is the focus in our Mission Statement.

The teachers and care-givers had attended a quality mind-opening, thought-enhancing and literacy-advancement workshop.

The Essential Literacy Workshop was held on the 20th to 22nd of June 2009 in the Philippines. It was conducted by Mrs Koh Woon Heng and Ms Lam On Nah from Singapore, both individuals highly qualified in their field of training and teaching expertise.

OHHLC Vision is to offer a program that meets the intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical needs of each child. It is also our mission for each child to know that they are loved by God.
OHHLC continues to excel and provide quality literacy development to the children of at-risk families through our Scholarships program.


Agape Youth

Agape Youth was launched in March 2007 with 40 youth in attendance. Apart from the spiritual and moral education they were also aspired by social skills learning.

Since they were living in a dump site & had to buy water to bathe, they became pretty dirty. So we started a hygiene campaign & rewarded them with toiletries when they came after bathing & combing their hair. Then we encouraged them to cut their nails & trim their hair.

We are so thankful for many Singaporeans who shipped off boxes of clothes, shoes, food items etc that blesses this group. Currently, we have more than 200 youths and still growing.


Agape Gentlemen

Agape Gentlemen meets on Tuesdays and Fridays for Bible Studies. It is followed by a gathering on Thursday called ‘Coffee Fellowship’ where light refreshments are served accompanied by members’ personal sharings and updates. This fellowship creates a group dynamics that positively benefits the members in encouragements, affirmations and understandings.

These members also meet up once a month in our ‘Sports Fest’ which brings fitness and laughters all around. This organized sports event is popular with the members because they’ll have an opportunity to exercise their physical abilities with much fun and esteem.


Agape Worship

Agape Worship was conceived on 5th December 2006 when I heard the “Team of Children Worshipers” with flags, started in March 2007. Then the following day I heard “Conduct Children Worship” workshop. We approached City Mission Church’s Worship team.

I obeyed the call to a worship ministry & all that I heard came to pass with delightful results.

Currently this group comprising of children aged from 8-12 years old are proficient both in flags/banners as well as tambourines.


Agape Precious

Two years ago, I had this name “Agape Precious” in my mind but was unsure which group God meant it for. Then beginning of year 2017, I felt a special concern for widows and requested the staff to interview as many widows who are attending our fellowship. We found quite a number, as many as 50 of them. So in June, we had our maiden fellowship.

Erwin, OHH newest staff in-charge of Agape Precious, shared our key verse from James 1:27a “Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress.” Widows are precious in God’s sight, thus we also want to try them this same way, thus the birth of our new ministry.


Food Distribution

Food Distribution to the needy and poor families is dependent solely on donors and probably their specific requests. Eg. 1 kg rice every week to the kids, bag of groceries to a specific family, etc. Without any requests, we would surely purchase and distribute their stable food which is rice. Since OHH is a charitable organization with no means of income, if there is no donations we are unable to purchase any food items, thus Food Distribution would cease.

It is a norm when visitors come, they would donate funds for rice, biscuits, canned food, milk, biscuits, etc to these slum dwellers. Home visits are encouraged to see first-hand how they live. These visits are accompanied by OHH staff and volunteers and the families receive a bag of groceries.

There were instances when games are conducted to bring some fun into their lives.

We wish to thank all donors who had contributed unsparingly to this well-accepted program.


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