Oikos Helping Hand is a non-profit organization dedicated to easing the burdens of poverty on Aroma slums residents in the Philippines.

Our centre provides health checks, educational, physical, spiritual and emotional aid to the impoverished residents around the dump site. These provisions will give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and realize their full potential.

We wanted to conduct a small Family Retreat this year for the poorest of the poor residents in Tondo but didn’t want to ask for donations. So we decided to utilise what Filipinos are good at, such that sing, dance and act.

This year is OHHLC’s 9th Anniversary. We wish to dedicate part of this newsletter to see the fruits of the scholars as well as their parents.

Change a life today and view the children in need of sponsors.


Nursery Boy

Sponsor Marcal Fred M. Sincero

Nursery Girl

Sponsor Lorraine A. Dela Luna

Kindergarten Boy

Sponsor Carl Andrei Andino

Nursery Girl

Sponsor Catherine F. Pregua


Agape Kids

Agape Kids is a wonderful and exciting interaction between the kids, our staff and volunteers.

Agape Youth

These youths live in the dumpsite and given spiritual moral and social education. Over 200 youths take part.

Agape Ladies

About 45 mothers wanted to join Oikos Helping Hand. This desire gave birth to Agape Ladies.

Agape Gentlemen

Gentlemen meet for Bible studies and ‘Coffee Fellowship’ and ‘Sports Fest’ bringing laughters all around.

Sponsor A Child

What an opportunity to give a child an education for a head start in life. Our prospective children lives in slum areas and come from very poor and disadvantaged families. We invite you to sponsor them on an annual term and be part in building their future. For S$70 or US$58 per month,  you can fully support them with free tuition fees, school and P.E uniforms, shoes, school bag, books, writing materials, projects, transport, meals, graduation and more. Your donation and sponsorship will go a long way for them to achieve their dreams, otherwise impossible without your help.

Outreach Program

Step out of your comfort zone as we invite you to participate in one of our outreach programs. As you join us in closely interacting with the poor in their cramped living spaces, be prepared to be moved. We implement 9 core programs ensuring your donations goes straight to the poor and less being spent on administration or red tape. Because Oikos also lives with the poor, we conduct daily outreach products including conversing with them, providing ministries, food distribution and advice. Through our Agape programs, we invite you to be part of our Kids, Youth, Ladies and Gentlemen programs.


Oikos Helping Hand conducts regular community building projects to benefit the poorest of the poor. They consist of these Main Projects: 1) Medical & Dental Missions Project 2) Crisis Relief Projects. 3) Income Generating Livelihood Projects. 4) Back-to-School Scholarships. 5) School Supplies Project. 6) Christmas Hamper Project. 7) Camps for Family, Youth & Kids. These projects bring coordinated needs to the slum dwellers. These needs such as the spiritual, physical and emotional approaches refresh them. Oikos Helping Hand continues to develop projects that would be viable to our mission and to eradicate the level of poverty in the area.

Oikos Helping Hand needs the support of like-minded people that shares the same passion.

This photo takes us back four years ago when a fire broke out in New Smokey Mountain.

The following are the notes from Maureen Ho, Resource Director or OHHs.

“Last Saturday 21st September 2013 at around 12 midnight, a fire broke out at New Smokey Mountain. It was put out only about 2:30am. Most of the houses in Block 5 (For those of you who had been to NSM, it is in front of the Korean Church) had burnt to the ground including that of one of Oikos staff, Jhoy. One of our Agape Gentlemen, Ruben Santos suffered 3rd degree burnt all over his body. He is now in the government Philippine General Hospital. Sadly, 2 children died in the fire.

According to the ground, the fire started when one couple was quarreling & the wife & in her anger threw a lighted candle at her husband. Out of about 250 families who were affected, about 220 of them are attending OHH ministries. Now, most of these victims are seeking shelter at a Basketball Court outside NSM. We thank God we managed to cook a meal for them. Then we distributed used clothes.

Some families who had some money saved started rebuilding their homes but most need help to get them on their feet again. We don’t know if & how humanitarian help will be coming, but we will pray and believe. Please pray that assistance in any form will come quickly”

– Mau