At Oikos Helping Hand (O.H.H.), the poor are at the hearts of everyone here. They are not playing

but working.

Oikos Helping Hand (O.H.H.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the lives of residents in the slums. With the focus on alleviating the multifaceted challenges of poverty, Oikos Helping Hand implements a range of sustainable and community-driven initiatives. From educational scholarships and livelihood programs to essential food distribution and healthcare support, the organization strives to uplift the slum community holistically. These provisions will give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and realize their full potential. O.H.H. recognizes that no poor lives in dire straits, and for the poor to truly benefit in any meaningful way, the basics of a stable and healthy community must strive. Through collaborative efforts and a heart for service, Oikos Helping Hand aims to bring about positive, lasting change and foster a brighter future for those facing economic hardships in the marginalized communities.

Our 9 Core Program are integral in formulating a community-based goal:

  • Agape Kids
  • Agape Youth
  • Agape Ladies
  • Agape Gentlemen
  • Agape Worship
  • Agape Tutorial
  • Food Distribution
  • I.G.L.P. Income Generating Livelihood Programs
  • Scholarships
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Every Little Act Makes A Big Difference!