Sponsor a Child

What an opportunity to give a child an education for a head start in life. Our prospective children lives in slum areas and come from very poor and disadvantaged families. We invite you to sponsor them on an annual term and be part in building their future. For S$85 per month (effective 1st Jan 2023),  you can fully support them with free tuition fees, school and P.E. uniforms, shoes, school bag, books, writing materials, projects, transport, meals, graduation and more. Your donation and sponsorship will go a long way for them to achieve their dreams, otherwise impossible without your help.


Outreach Programs

Step out of your comfort zone as we invite you to participate in one of our outreach programs. As you join us in closely interacting with the poor in their cramped living spaces, be prepared to be moved. We implement 9 core programs ensuring your donations goes straight to the poor and less being spent on administration or red tape. Because Oikos also lives with the poor, we conduct daily outreach products including conversing with them, providing ministries, food distribution and advice. Through our Agape programs, we invite you to be part of our Kids, Youth, Ladies and Gentlemen programs.


Oikos Helping Hand conducts regular community building projects to benefit the poorest of the poor. They consist of these Main Projects: 1) Medical & Dental Missions Project 2) Crisis Relief Projects. 3) Income Generating Livelihood Projects. 4) Back-to-School Scholarships. 5) School Supplies Project. 6) Christmas Hamper Project. 7) Camps for Family, Youth & Kids. These projects bring coordinated needs to the slum dwellers. These needs such as the spiritual, physical and emotional approaches refresh them. Oikos Helping Hand continues to develop projects that would be viable to our mission and to eradicate the level of poverty in the area.  

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Every Little Act Makes A Big Difference!