O.H.H. is dedicated to working directly with the poor, their families and communities in hope-giving, life-transforming and God-loving projects that provide sustainable improvements.

Our unwavering dedication at O.H.H. extends beyond immediate aid, aiming for enduring impact and sustainable progress. Through initiatives like the Food Distribution Program, we not only meet urgent needs but also empower communities with the skills they need to thrive independently.

We believe in more than short-term solutions; our focus is on building a foundation for lasting improvement. Our commitment to strengthening the skills of kids, youth, ladies, and men is not just about the present but about equipping them for a sustainable future. As we forge partnerships with like-minded individuals who share our passion, we envision a community where the cycle of poverty is not just minimized but fundamentally disrupted.

Together, with shared determination and strategic initiatives, we are making a meaningful and enduring impact, one life at a time.


We believe that with the partnerships of like-minded people who share the same passion, the poverty cycle will be significantly minimised.

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Every Little Act Makes A Big Difference!