August 2021

Learning Center Graduation

Despite the pandemic’s devastating effects, this crisis has provided an unparalleled opportunity for learning. It was hard and difficult not just for every student, but also for every parent that needed to exert extra effort to teach their children inside their homes. Yet they managed to succeed, and we celebrated the children’s accomplishments by having a virtual Graduation Ceremony.

Here are some of the testimonies of the Scholars’ Parents who shared about how they overcame the hardship and difficulties of being a parent and a teacher at the same time.

This school year was indeed a very difficult one because of the pandemic. Classes were virtual, all the jobs had to stop as the lock-down was declared. My husband was one of the many affected. We have 4 children who are studying, and Andrei is the youngest. We struggled terribly.

Our first struggle was how to provide for our children’s food. With the little rice we had, I cooked porridge for us to survive but soon the rice ran out and we had nowhere to get food. Our God is really a good God, who uses so many people to bless with food.

The second struggle was his online classes. Thanks to our dearest teachers who spared their time and efforts to teach our children, now my son finished this school year. I’m very proud and thankful because he learned so many things. We are very thankful to Jesus for every blessing and to OHHLC for giving us the chance to be a scholar and to our dearest sponsor for providing for my son’s education.

Andrei Ross Reoma’s Mother

It’s been hard for me and my child to experience this kind of online studying because Zarena can’t concentrate due to the noise at home and sometimes a slow internet connection. At times we had to get data on loans from the Store so she can attend the classes. Since our handphone is small, it’s really hard to see the teachers on the screen. It’s better to have a face-to-face classes but because of the pandemic, we have to follow the protocols strictly. By the grace of God, He didn’t forsake us until now. We are healthy and safe, and I am thankful even if it’s hard, it was worth it because my child finished her Preparatory level. Thank you, Lord.

Zarena Denice A. Mirano’s Mother

OHH Learning Center teachers told the parents that the achievement of their children would not be realized without the parent’s love, sacrifice, patience and guidance. This is also the moment where they are honored and acknowledged. The triumph of their children is also their victory. With the grace of God, courage, determination, dedication and hard work were all paid off.

Senior High School Graduation

This has been a challenging year for every student to cope up with the New Normal learning modalities. It was beyond different from the previous school years, much harder and difficult to learn especially as not everyone is not privileged to have a stable internet connection for synchronous classes. Despite this, these scholars graduated through hard work and dedication that produced certificates and awards.

Katherine Anne Colosa, Christine Joy Eraldo and Dia May Durana had been OHH scholars since their Nursery days.

These 3 OHH Scholars will be going to continue their studies at the University.

It was hard but worth it. The adjustment wasn’t easy, yet I survived. I just graduated from my Senior High School this year and by God’s grace, I survived it with flying colors. The journey wasn’t easy, especially during this time of the pandemic. I had to cope up with the New Normal-learning system and to deal with some financial problems as well. But God is just so gracious and amazing, He’s working in our lives beyond what we can imagine. OHH and the sponsors of our scholarships made it all possible, through their financial and even spiritual support. They are indeed an answered prayer to my life. On behalf of my family, thank you OHH and sponsors! May God’s blessing overflow in your lives.

Katherine Anne Colosa

Zoom Teaching

During this time of the pandemic, we often lose ourselves in the midst of difficulties and circumstances we’re experiencing that leads us to being hopeless and unmotivated with our daily lives. That’s why OHH gathered their staff and volunteers to strengthen their faith and refine the fire in their hearts through listening to webinars that share the Word of God and testimonies from spirit-filled speakers that motivated them to completely rely on and be dependent on God’s grace and power.

Our God is indeed powerful and almighty, through the life of the speakers that share the goodness of the Lord in their lives, Oikos’ staff renewed their minds and found their strength to once again continue their journey with the vision that God had given them. The things they learned in this webinar didn’t just stay as a lesson but an application as well.

Pandemic Rages On

This month of August is the strictest quarantine measure as the Philippines grapples with the expected spread of the more transmissible COVID-19 Delta variant which results in more hungry people around.

“What’s everyone waiting for? Oh! Where’s the food? Nothing? Not even rice?”

Let us take some time to ponder, “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men.”

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