August 2018
Floodwater is more than simple rain. It’s often contaminated with sewage and chemicals and can hide sharp objects made of metal or glass. Sewage can cause boils or rashes on parts of the body such as legs that are submerged for extended periods of time.
Floodwaters can also carry diseases. That’s a serious problem in developing countries where cholera, typhoid or yellow fever are present, according to the World Health Organization.
What may be more common in our areas of ministry are bouts of diarrhea and other stomach problems when contaminated water or food is consumed.
Series of Typhoons
The current series of typhoons had been strong that they caused havoc in:
Leaks in church and office:
Leaks that made classrooms and office very wet:
Land slide eroded part of the Training Center:
Philippines Inflation Rate
The Philippines’ annual inflation rate rose to 5.7 percent in July of 2018 from 5.2 percent in the previous month, above market estimates of 5.5 percent. It is the highest reading since March 2009, as cost increased at a faster pace for housing and transport while food inflation stayed at nearly 4-year high.
Coincidentally, this month the inflation is at the all-time high of 5.7%. Even basic necessities like rice and milk took a beating. Sob! Sob! Thus more hungry people around.
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