April 2018
Court Room

We wanted to conduct a small Family Retreat this year for the poorest of the poor residents in Tondo but didn’t want to ask for donations. So we decided to utilise what Filipinos are good at, such that:



  & ACT

We also doubled it as


After months of rehearsals, on 22nd of September, we featured our maiden stage play called “Court Room” to raise funds by selling tickets at 25 Philippine Pesos (USD 0.50 cents) each.

Since we have not reached our target, this skit would continue for a few more times not only in Tondo but probably in Bulacan too.


Oikos Helping Hand Learning Center

This year is OHHLC’s 9th Anniversary.
We wish to dedicate part of this newsletter to see the fruits of the scholars as well as their parents.

Quile Justin Villanueva (Kinder 2)

His parents were very happy that their son improved not only in Academics but also learned how to respect his elders especially his parents, by saying “po” (a Tagalog term to show respect to older people).  He also became more helpful in household chores and very obedient. Now he wouldn’t complain if he has to go to bed early because he is excited to attend School the next day.

Ann (her true name and photo have been withheld due to the sensitivity of this testimony. She’s the mother of one of our Kinder 2 scholars)

She had not forgiven her husband who ran away with another woman and had a child with her. She was emotionally disturbed and was at the point of committing suicide when the Teachers came to her rescue and counseled her.

She picked herself up and became emotionally stronger. With much pain in her heart, she had to accept the fact that her husband had left the family. But she prayed for his return since their children are still very young and needed a father figure. After a few months, a miracle happened! He returned home. She said that she was very grateful to the Teachers because they stopped her from her silly idea to contemplate suicide. She is doing very fine now.

Alma Fe Peñana (Mother of Laurence in K2)

She is very thankful also that OHHLC regularly distributes food and used clothes. Her anxiety and problems have decreased tremendously.
Since the day her oldest daughter became our scholar, she said she was very blessed to be chosen because of financial difficulty she was afraid she wasn’t able to send her daughter to School at the right age. (Poorer families send their kids to school when they have money whatever the age is. Thus in government schools, there are some over-aged students.)

Carl Andrie Andino (Kinder 2)

Before he was a quiet and shy boy. He didn’t know how to mingle with other children but now he has improved a lot. He became more approachable and talks quite a lot. The parents are very thankful that he learned so many things in school.

Samantha Samano (Primary 6)

She was OHHLC scholar 8 years ago and currently she’s under our Education scholarship.
Her mother said that she is so blessed that her daughter had her foundations built in OHHLC. It was very important to learn not only the basics but more importantly the foundation of character building. Samantha has the potential to be a leader in her school and her teacher is proud of her.

She just graduated from Primary 6 and is ranked Top 6 in her whole school. She received the Most Trustworthy award.

Ellah Princess Baldado (Primary 4)

She was OHHLC scholar 6 years ago and currently she’s under our Education scholarship.
Her teachers complimented Ella Princess for her continuously good behavior since she entered Primary School 4 years ago and they assigned her as a leader in the school because she is a role model, smart, humble and gets along well with others.
For 2 years running (2017 and 2018), she was ranked Top of the School.
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