November 2021

Feed His Sheep

An initiative called “Feed His Sheep” was started in Sep 2020 by a TRAC WSCS mission tripper to provide rice distribution during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in Manila. It resulted with some families receiving 10 kg of rice monthly. We hope more like-minded people would join in and contribute any amount so more families can be included in this initiative.

Face Mask

Wearing a Face Mask is essential during this time of COVID, but what happens when one don’t even have money to buy a mask? We sew one! …or more than one!

Pastor Jojo’s Testimony

Thankful to CYC Made To Measure, Brother International Philippines Corporation, and Gap Agency for providing us with a Livelihood Project of the sewing of masks during this season.

It’s been three years now when I had a personal encounter with God. This personal encounter is my choice. That night of Sept 18, 2018, at about 11 pm, I desired to meet God personally to ask Him what is His plan for my life. Is He still using me in His ministry or am I now reaching the last page of my life story here on earth? Every time I remembered our conversation, I can’t help but cry because of His goodness over my life. One very fresh thing that I remembered is when I told God that if my life will end tomorrow, then it’s better not to wake me up. I wanted to go home peacefully in His hands. But the moment I woke up the next day, it meant that He still wants to use me for His Kingdom. After this conversation with God, I’ve felt His hand touching my head and tapping my shoulder comforting me as if He is telling me that everything is fine. I just had to rest because tomorrow, I will see how God will work in my life. That I will experience great miracles and that I will never experience any pain anymore. When I heard this Word from God, I went to a deep sleep with the courage to face my head surgery the following day.

Now, I am here. God is using me in His Kingdom. As part of my covenant with Him, every day, I will write in my journal all things that happens to me daily. At first, it was a struggle because I need to write everything I want to say to Him and also what He said to me. I also needed to ink even the smallest details that He said during my one on one time with Him. Now, I am on my 29th journal in my daily walk with Him.

There are many things that I’ve learned in this journey and one of them is that the moment I experienced and realized the seriousness of God in His promise and love towards me, the more I will be motivated to become serious in serving Him. No turning back!

All Glory belong to our God!

Pastor Jojo

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