November 2017

United Nations Day

Oikos Helping Hand Learning Center celebrated United Nations Day to honour the interstate organization promoting human rights, social progress and world peace.

In The Philippines, we celebrate this day actively as we are among the 51 founders of the United Nations. You can see in the photos of our children wearing different dresses representing different countries in unity.

Christmas Hampers

Last year, our Christmas Hampers Project was a success thanks to many of you chipping in.
Below are some of the recipients.

Jessela Judilla

Usually, Filipino families including mine would prepare for Christmas and New Year celebrations. But last year was different. It was the first year that we did not prepare anything because my father had been sick for past 3 months and could not work.

Our simple daily meals were a challenge so thinking of a Christmas dinner is out of the question.

But this changed one day when I returned home with a Christmas Hamper filled with delicious food. My father was so happy when he saw it and we really enjoyed Christmas and New Year together with my whole family.

It was indeed filled with joy from the bottom of our hearts.

Nemencio Soriano

I have 2 sons and they work as scavengers collecting recyclables. Their income is so low that their ability to prepare food for Christmas is an impossible feat. But all this changed.

Due to the kindness of donors, I received the Christmas Hamper. I was very happy, filled with gratitude and felt God’s blessing.

I was also very grateful to God because He never lets me down and never let me celebrate Christmas without any food. Both my sons have learned to be grateful too.

Princess Corpin

Christmas eve dinner is a very important tradition among Filipino families.

As early as September, I started being anxious if my family could participate in this tradition. My anxiety left me when I was given a Christmas Hamper. I was so very happy especially for my children as they knew that they would be food for Christmas Eve. It really lessened my worries.

We are utterly grateful to all the donors who have shared their blessings with poor people like us.

A Call to Be a Helping Hand

We need your help and support to feed the hungry. Your help will bring much joy and happiness, without which they remain hungry this Christmas season.

Scavengers living in dumpsite barely have 2 simple meals a day. Each family averages 6 members usually malnourished need to put food on their tables. We are serving 800 families living in this situation.

Please choose to be a blessing and donate for these Christmas Hampers at SGD15.00 or USD12.00 each. With that, you will be able to give a family a Noche Buena Package this Christmas!

You may transfer or deposit into either of Oikos Helping Hand Inc Accounts:

In Singapore
Name of Bank : DBS
Account No : 003-918376-3
Bank Code : 7171
Swift Code : DBSSSGSG

In Philippines
Name of Bank : Metrobank
Branch : BFRV Las Pinas
Account No : 647-7-64702099-9
Swift Code : MBTC PHMM

Then please email us at  mauho.sg@gmail.com once you have transferred or deposited so we could issue you a receipt.

On behalf of the recipients, we wish to say  “A Very Big Thank You to One and All.”

Ivan & Mau

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