March 2018
Couple’s Night

February was the month of love observed religiously in the Philippines. We organised different programs with that in mind.

We celebrated

C o u p l e ’ s  N i g h t

for this Valentine’s Day

It was a great night of …

reconciliation, getting to know one another deeply,

understanding expectations thru Q&A session,


… and of course, food!

Love for Children

Valentine’s Day
is not only
for lovers.

This year, we asked the Agape Gentlemen and Ladies to write love letters to their children, commencing with asking for forgiveness for what they had done wrong, leading into daily actions to show love and concern.

Hopefully these actions would become a habit of showing affection for their spouse and children.

Oikos Helping Hand Learning Center (OHHLC)

Our pre-school started operations in 2009 in a 166 sq meter house. Last few years, some middle-class families were enrolling their children in our school.

They found out that graduates from OHHLC performed better in Primary School and they were more disciplined, confident and most of all happy.

This school year, we have 49 students in both Kinder 1 and 2 of which 35 are scholars and others are paying students.

We find that we have outgrown this place. We hope to be able to accommodate more students and create a bigger impact in the community.

This is a good time to release this good news that a 332 sq meters vacant piece of land next to our Pre-school has
been donated to us by
some like-minded
New Building
We hope to build a 2-storey building that will cater to the community needs for a bigger Pre-School with more students as well
as a Church that can double as a Community Hall

that will love the poor in Manila. There would be space for
a tutorial center that will focus on imparting life skills
towards the youth to be ready for tomorrow.
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Every Little Act Makes A Big Difference!