July 2022

On May, we celebrated Mother’s Day, honoring each mother of the families, we acknowledged the mother’s influence in society; even though it is a very difficult life we have, especially during COVID, the husbands in return thought to create a letter to show affection and honor the Mothers.

Despite the Fathers’ busyness, they still managed to undergo a Bible seminar, it is nice to always put the Lord first and to acknowledge the Lord in everything we do.

Agape Ladies celebrated Mother’s Day together in Fellowship. Salute to all mothers, single mothers, widows out there! Jesus loves you!

Agape Ladies having their Fellowship and enjoyed playing the games. No matter how hard life is, we need to learn how to let go and just enjoy life. Because God will not give us a trial that He knows we cannot handle.

Pulo Ministry conducts regular Church Service with the parents and their kids. They have games and fellowship for the young adults.

Father’s Day Celebration

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we reminded them that the Fathers are the Priest of the Family, and should cover their children spiritually by praying for them and their families.

Daughters’ First Dance are with their Fathers

And not forgetting the games with Fathers and Children

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