July 2020

Family Fun and Sports Day!

Looking back a few months ago before COVID-19 hit us.

Life is too short, spend time with your family and love ones. Live it to the fullest with them.

We had our Family Fun and Sports Day. It is a reminder for each and every one of us to give our precious time and celebrate life while we still have the chance.

Getting family involved in sports together is important because it teaches our children from a young age that physical activity is an integral and necessary part of life.

We’re glad to see everyone participated and enjoyed spending time with their family.

Thank you all!

Agape Kids

The teachers taught the Agape Kids to see things, situations and people positively as well as to give praise as taught by members of Bedok Methodist Church.

Then notes of praise was added to their activity. Words of Praise is a great way to build confidence and reassurance.

This practice will resume again once it is safe for mass social gathering.

Date Your Parents

This special program was held for the families of Agape Kids living at Riverside.

The goal of this event is to evangelize and bring the parents closer to our God through the influence and help of their very own children (Isn’t it lovely!)

This event is a combination of love and hard work of church workers, music team and Agape Kids workers.


Due to COVID-19, President Duterte called for unprecedented Lockdown from 15th March i.e. No going out. Stay Home. The poor are working hand-to-mouth for their daily needs. With this Lockdown, they would have nothing to eat for months! Sad to say, it is “No Work. No Pay. No Food.”

What is worse is the prices of food has increased!

We are so, so grateful to some donors who have come forward to provide groceries for these precious slum dwellers. Hallelujah! Distribution areas are:

1. Aroma, Tondo

2. Learning Center, Las Pinas

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Every Little Act Makes A Big Difference!