May 2024

Oikos Helping Hand was founded in 2007 in Manila with the mission to assist the poor and needy. Over the years, our reach has expanded to include communities in Tondo, Las Pinas, Cavite, Pulo, and Bulacan, where we continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Agape Worship Ministry: Inspiring Steadfastness and Youth Empowerment Through Dance

Agape Worship Ministry has witnessed a significant surge in engagement and impact in recent months, prompting its leaders to advocate for steadfastness amidst uncertainties. Highlighting their dedication to youth development through dance, the ministry provides a positive outlet for young individuals to express themselves, steering them away from stressors and fostering confidence and self-esteem. Attributing their success to faithful obedience and community service, the ministry serves as an example of perseverance and resilience, inspiring others to pursue their callings with patience and dedication.

Oikos Helping Hand Extends Aid to Victims of Recent Fires in Manila

In the aftermath of a devastating fire that engulfed Building 29 of the Aroma temporary housing compound in Barangay 105, Tondo, Manila, Oikos Helping Hand, a Singaporean organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in the Philippines’ slums, has sprung into action. The fire, which quickly escalated to third alarm status, left approximately 600 families homeless, prompting a massive response from emergency services, including 24 fire trucks from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and 49 additional units from volunteer groups. Many residents suffered injuries, including lacerations, punctures, convulsions, and difficulty breathing, requiring urgent medical attention.

In response to the crisis, Oikos Helping Hand swiftly mobilized its resources to provide aid to the affected families. This aid includes essential supplies and building supplies to help rebuild their lives. The organization remains committed to supporting all those affected by the fire and stands ready to assist in the ongoing recovery efforts. As the community of Tondo works to rebuild and recover, Oikos Helping Hand continues to extend its hand in solidarity and compassion.

Source: https://www.philstar.com/nation/2024/03/23/2342608/600-families-homeless-tondo-fire

Nanyang Polytechnic’s Youth Expedition Project (YEP) 2024

NANYANG Polytechnic (NYP) Empowers Students Through Youth Expedition Project in Philippines

NANYANG Polytechnic (NYP) continues its unwavering commitment to holistic student development through its co-curricular activities (CCA), with the latest endeavor being the NYP Youth Expedition Project (YEP) Philippines 2024. In collaboration with Youth Corps Singapore, this initiative aims to cultivate confident and resilient youths, nurturing active citizenship and global engagement among the student body.

During the expedition, students embarked on a journey of cultural immersion and community engagement, fostering understanding and solidarity with the local community. From delving into the history and mission of Oikos Helping Hand to actively participating in community development initiatives alongside the beneficiaries, to engaging in cultural exchanges at Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) in Las Piñas City, the students gained invaluable insights and experiences that transcended classroom learning.

The Cultural Exchange at SISC marked a significant milestone for both institutions, fostering mutual understanding and forging new friendships between students from diverse cultural backgrounds. These interactions not only enriched the students’ perspectives but also promoted cross-cultural empathy and appreciation.

However, the expedition also presented students with challenges, particularly during Oikos visits to urban poor areas within Metro Manila. Confronted with the stark realities of poverty and inequality, students were emotionally impacted by the profound contrast between their privileged upbringing in Singapore and the harsh living conditions faced by many in the Philippines.

Reflecting on the experience, YEP leader Mudam Akshaj shared profound insights gained during their visit to urban poor communities. “The visit to the slums has left a deep impression on me. Experiencing life with them, even for just a few hours, has taught me how resilient and strong Filipinos are. Despite the struggles they faced, they remained optimistic. This makes me appreciate the life I have back in Singapore and feel blessed with the life I’ve been given because not everyone is as fortunate as me,” expressed the Singaporean youth leader.

As NYP continues to foster experiential learning and global citizenship among its students, initiatives like the YEP Philippines 2024 serve as catalysts for personal growth, empathy, and social responsibility, equipping students with the tools and mindset to contribute meaningfully to a diverse and interconnected world.

Experiencing God’s Presence Amidst Challenges: A Pastor’s Testimony

Pastor Rowena from Agape Church Bulacan shared a testimony to the presence and power of God in the midst of diversity. Despite encountering trials, opposition, persecution, and skepticism about her leadership, Pastor Rowena remained steadfast. Initially met with doubt and criticism in her role as a Pastor, she witnessed God’s hand guiding and sustaining her through every challenge. In the middle of complexities and uncertainties, God’s faithfulness manifested in the growth and resilience of leaders within the congregation, serving as inspiration to others. Pastor Rowena’s journey has been marked by obstacles, yet God’s palpable presence has remained constant. Additionally, Pastor Rowena shared another testimony: Nanay Gloria Enencio, a story of hope and divine intervention. Nanay Gloria’s journey began with a simple prayer request during a Sunday service, unaware of the chain of events it would set in motion. Following the service, tears of gratitude filled Nanay Gloria’s eyes as she shared her miraculous healing with Pastor Rowena. Previously faced with fear after a tragic accident resulting in a lump in her breast, doctors recommended surgery to remove the potentially life-threatening growth. Despite despair, Nanay Gloria strengthened her faith, finding solace and strength in prayer. Weeks later, her faith was tested as she awaited the results of a follow-up ultrasound. With divine assurance, doctors delivered news of the lump’s disappearance, leaving no trace of its once ominous presence. Nanay Gloria stood in awe of God’s healing touch, overwhelmed with gratitude for His mercy and presence. Her testimony rang out with conviction and praise, proclaiming the truth of God’s power and the efficacy of prayer. Nanay Gloria’s faith was rewarded with a miracle beyond comprehension, a testimony to the boundless love and compassion of our Heavenly Father.

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