Sponsor Children For Education Scholarships School Year 2017-2018

We will contact you for payment instructions. Thank you.


Oikos Helping Hand Learning Center welcomes your goodwill and donation sponsorship.
Please make a sponsorship to our charity organization by giving a donation for
a child's annual Nursery / Kindergarten education.

It only takes S$70 or US$58 per month to fully support them

These children strongly needs charity donations for purposes such as:
 Tuition feesSponsor-a-child-nursery-kindergarten-school.
 School and PE uniforms
 School bag
 Graduation, etc.

Thank you for joining us on this inspiring journey to provide the gift of education
to children in this part of the developing world!
On behalf of all the children, we are joyful to receive this sponsorship.

You can also contact us ... Click Here.

How to sponsor? ... click here!


Sponsorship Payment Methods

A) Bank Transfers :
You may transfer your monthly scholarship via internet banking, for monthly recurring payment,
please add our organization as "payee". Kindly see below instructions for further assistance.

1) Click on "Fund transfer"
2) Choose "Add payee" and set up Oikos Helping Hand Inc as "Payee"
Details of account as below :
Bank : DBS
Bank Code : 7171
Branch Code : 003
Account Name : Oikos Helping Hand Inc
A/c No : 003-918376-3
3) Make transfer. Set as recurring.

Once you have set up the above, kindly inform Stanley Yap of OHH Singapore via e mail stanvyap@hotmail.com  of the information below :
Payer name : (Please use donor full name)
Bank account no : (example: UOB bank account xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx etc)
Day of recurring payment : (example: from every 15th of the month from January 2014 through January 2016)

B) Cheques :
For Cheques deposit please write payee: Oikos Helping Hand Inc and the DBS Acc Number 003-918376-3 behind the cheque. Drop in your cheque/s in the bank quick-cheque drop-in boxes.
Kindly email to stanvyap@hotmail.com of your deposit and for which child sponsored and the amt deposited for which month/period sponsored. OHH will then reply with the confirmation.

Kindly email to stanvyap@hotmail.com if you have any other queries. We will reply the soonest possible time.


Kindly contact us for any further enquiries
Kindly contact us for any further enquiries, click here ...




+ 1. How do I sponsor?
+ 2. What is the sponsorship duration?
+ 3. Where does my money go to?
+ 4. How do I make payments for sponsorships?
+ 5. I am not in the Philippines, can I be a sponsor?
+ 6. Can I sponsor a child for his/her continuing education?
+ 7. Can I contact the child or his/her family?
+ 8. Can we visit the Child?



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