How To Donate?
Go to your nearest local bank or remittance
agency and submit this information together
with your donation.

Name                 : OIKOS HELPING HAND INC
Bank                  : Metrobank BF Resort -
                           Las Pinas Branch
OHH Metro Bank Code :01026 2883
Account number  : 007-647-020999
Type of Account : Philippine Peso
Swift Code         : MBTC PHMM

Please contact us for any assistance required.
Contact us for any assistance required about donating. 

Your donations go a long way. Thank You!
Beneficiaries with donated canvasses and groceries

Lend A Hand
Make a Difference!
             Our appreciation to all our past and existing donors who had and have contributed immensely to our clients' and our needs. You have donated in monies and kind and all donations are and were significant to us and our work.
We take this opportunity to thank you.
              But our ministry and work is a surmountable task that we need regular provisions and providence.
             We like to appeal to you, who share the same passion to be in partnership with us in kind or monies. Your monies will bring the essentials like rice, groceries, canvasses, etc.
And it will help us to sustain our 9 Core Programs.
Your monies will also go to our administrative expenditures like our rental, utilities, equipments, salaries, etc.
              We practice the code of governance in dispensing our donations. For our audit reports CLICK HERE!
(SEC Registration # CN200703885)
Top 10 reasons to give: 
   1. I want to help a needy child
   2. I want to help children and adults in poverty
   3. I want to act on feelings of global responsibility
   4. I want to share my wealth and blessings
   5. I believe in Oikos Helping Hand’s work and want to
       support it
   6. I've always wanted to donate to a charity and now is
       the time
   7. I want to encourage my children to identify with poor
   8. I want to make a difference
   9. I want to help the poverty stricken in other countries
  10. I want to do what my heart tells me to do 

Be A Partner & Fight Poverty! 
What your money can do:

You Can Feed 600 Families For Just US$1,070 A Week!
                                                              or US$152 A Day!

Weekly Food Distribution program for 600 families with 
1 kg rice  @US$470/week
Groceries @US$600/week                  - US$1,070/week

Operating cost                                - US$890/week

Total expenses per week       - US$1,960

We recognize our duty to use your contributions as effectively and efficiently as possible and to be accountable to all our stakeholders.

*Contact us if you want to donate, we will be glad to provide you with details.

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