"Run For Love" Charity Carnival
organised by Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Year 2 Event Management Students

Run For Life 2014"Run For Love" Charity Carnival is a event that is organised by Institute ofRun For Love Location: Garden By The Bay East Technical Education (ITE) Year 2 Event Management Students in conjunction with Marina Run 2014.

ITE Year2 Students will be raising funds through donation tin cans and sales of items/foods from the carnival. The Charity Carnival itself aims to bring couples and families together while contributing to a good cause. "Run For Love" Charity Carnival where there will be exciting stage performances, pastries booths and game booth that allows children to be participate with.

We are collecting old shoes from ITE Lecturers and Students in school which is in collaboration with Marina Run 2014. We had our pre-event in school where we had our booth on-site to collect old shoes and donations through tin cans before our actual Charity event. Proceeds from the carnival sales and the old shoes we collected will be donated to Oikos Helping Hand for the needy in the Philippines. Our purpose of the Charity event is to raise funds from the charity carnival and collecting old shoes in school to help the needy in the Philippines which Oikos Helping Hand has given us the chance to be able to do something for the those needy."

Date: 15 February 2014
Time: 4pm-10.20pm
Venue: Garden By The Bay East


Run For Life 2014 poster



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